Funny Fuzzy Pet Products Review

Funny Fuzzy Pet Products Review

If you are looking for good quality pet products for your pet, look no further: Funny Fuzzy pet products deliver. We tested some of their products for this Funny Fuzzy review . My pets loved them. The donut dog bed was a hit. My pets made me laugh: All of them wanted to squeeze in it together. They loved it that much. One of my cats doesn’t like to share anything. He decided to evict his brothers from the bed with a playful cat fight. It was hilarious to watch. He won and claimed the bed for himself, leaving his brothers unimpressed. All the other products we tested were of good quality too. 

We concentrated on testing the quality of Funny Fuzzy products and listed the pros and cons for each product. All in all, we found that the products offer a good value for money. Pet Top 10 would not hesitate recommending them to other people.

The Items We Tested

Leaf Shape Pet Blanket

Funny Fuzzy Leaf Shape Dog Blanket

Size: 50″ x 45″ (ginkgo yellow)
Machine washable (30℃)
Top quality material
Best seller
Available in five different shapes & colours

Our cats stole this blanket from the dogs! The color is lovely and surprisingly matches everything. Normally, we wouldn’t purchase anything yellow, but this blanket convinced us otherwise. It is silky and beautifully padded as well. It can be used by your pet as a mat or blanket. Your dog might prefer to cuddle up warmly on a horse blanket-style blanket. The fabric is gorgeous and high-quality, and it can be washed in the machine. It’s a cool home accessory that looks fantastic on your couch.

This dog blanket will keep your dog warm. This blanket is popular with my pets. When I placed it over a huge sofa cube, they immediately began to sleep on it constantly.


  • Machine washable, does not loose its shape
  • Quality fabrication
  • 100% cotton
  • Decorative
  • Super soft


  • Great for pets that love to lay on the floor but the shape is not great for a dog bed as it does not stay in place. I wish this blanket came in a matching size for the donut dog bed. 
Funny Fuzzy Dog Bed

Funny Fuzzy Donut Dog Bed

Available in sizes M, L and XL
Removable, machine washable covers
Eight colour options
3D high-density orthopedic sponge

The bed arrived vacuum packed and well packaged. It arrived in four different parts: The mattress, the waterproof inner cover for the mattress, the bed covers and the round donut shaped cushion. The bed was relatively easy to put together and we like that the covers are machine washable. It comes with a good quality zip so the cover is also easy to remove for washing. 

My pets loved this bed. One of my cats is not a fan of cat beds but he stole this one straight away. Now he won’t let my other pets use it! This bed is also great for puppies and dogs that suffer from anxiety. The donut shape and high edges create a sense of safety for them. If you are looking for a calming dog bed consider purchasing this bed. Read more puppy bed reviews here

This large donut dog bed comes in a medium size too. My cat loves to stretch out when sleeping and the medium size was just what he wanted in order to do so comfortably. This is hands down one of the best donut beds Pet Top 10 has tested, I would not hesitate to recommend it.


  • Machine washable covers
  • Good quality material
  • 100% cotton
  • Non-slip base
  • Large size


  • The waterproof mattress cover makes a crinkling sound when your pet is moving around in it. The bed can be used without the waterproof cover, It can be easily removed. 
Dog bed car seat

Funny Fuzzy Dog Bed Car Seat

Size: 50″ x 22″ x 14″
Dog seat belt sold separately
Safety seat belt pocket
Anti-slip base

This back seat dog bed was easy to install. It has some pretty good features, such as pockets for a dog seat belt and waterproof material. The material is soft and of good quality. The sides of this bed are nicely cushioned to make it a bed rather than a car back seat cover. This works well if you are travelling just with a dog. If however, you have other passangers too then the high sides make it slightly uncomfortable for a person to sit down.

If you use this type of dog bed rather than a hammock then you should definitely invest in a dog seat belt too. You can buy the Funny Fuzzy dog seat belt here. Consider purchasing a crash tested dog harness too to keep your dog safe in the car. You can find dog car harness reviews here.


  • Machine washable
  • Easy to install
  • Waterproof
  • Top quality material


  • The cushion is slightly uncomfortable if you have a passenger in the back seat together with the dog. A split design would be a nice feature, or an option to roll the cushion down when you have just passengers in the back seat. We like this car seat dog bed as a car seat protector too!

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